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Meet the New Body Ethic Professionals! The people below have taken the first step in making the health and fitness industry work for everyone, by signing the New Body Ethic Pledge.

341 professionals have signed the pledge! Add your name today!
PhotoLast NameFirst NameOccupationCityStateCountryWebsite, Blog or Social Media LinkPersonal Message
Goodman David Family Physician Minneapolis MN USA
Mustain Nathan Physician Minneapolis Mn USA Fitness IS a human right! This is a message all of us need to be united in sending: to the media, to policy makers, and most importantly, to our patients and clients.
Goldstein Molly Group Exercise Instructor, PhD Student West Lafayette IN USA Hi! I'm Molly. I love running, spinning, fitness, cooking (& eating!),math and other nerdy pursuits. Coffee always has a warm spot in my heart and I own way too many pairs of boots. Join me as I chronicle my attempts at maintaining a healthy balance in life as a new mom and PhD student.
Huson Nan Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor New York NY USA
Khalaf Dave Writer, CrossFit Coach Los Angeles CA USA
Knapp David Gym Owner Los Angeles CA USA As owner and trainer at CrossFit Silver Lake, having others become the most healthy and fit version of themselves is my passion. I also read a lot of bad information and am glad that there is something like the New Body Ethic Pledge to attempt to create a quality standard.
Rawls-Philippe Marannie Holistic Health and Fitness Coach New Haven CT USA Visit My Website We are on the edge of a fitness revolution. Personal Training is the future. One Size Fits All is a dangerous dinosaur. The United States, and gradually the World, is in a downward spiral of disease. As fitness professionals we get to see our clients weekly. Most Doctors do not. We have the ability to truly change lives for the better. I dream of a community that educates people on how to take charge of their health and not be defeated by hype. We are that community. I dream of a world where personal trainers are viewed as professional assets to a person's health care team. We are those trainers. This is why I signed the pledge.
Hurd Joyce Marie Personal Fitness Trainer ACSM Certified Champaign IL USA I was honored that Brian Mustain sent me an email invitation to sign the pledge.
Splichal Dr Emily Doctor New York NY USA EBFA Fitness Website I have always believed in the power of fitness as it relates to wellness, happiness and sense of purpose. Through my patient care and education company it is my goal to empower people worldwide of the importance of preventive medicine, movement and fitness. I strongly believe in what NBE stands for!
Varela Izarra Yoga Teacher Hong Kong n/a Hong Kong Reembody



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