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Meet the New Body Ethic Professionals! The people below have taken the first step in making the health and fitness industry work for everyone, by signing the New Body Ethic Pledge.

341 professionals have signed the pledge! Add your name today!
PhotoLast NameFirst NameOccupationCityStateCountryWebsite, Blog or Social Media LinkPersonal Message
Bracegirdle Alice Rebel Entrepreneur Victoria British Columbia Canada I could not have said it better myself. There simply must be a shift in consciousness...we are not seeing the full picture of what it means to live as a fully realized human...the Fitness Industry is supposed to be moving us's actually brainwashing us! Yeah, let's do this!!!
Wright Jason Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, Corrective Exercise Specialist New Haven CT USA Website of my private practice. I believe that professionals who have taken the New Body Ethic Pledge -and who hold to its standards - can greatly benefit their clients and communities through compassionate, considered, and hype-free self-care education. This is how I have been conducting my private practice for years, and now that there is a group of like-minded health and fitness professionals forming I feel encouraged and excited to join them so that we may sustain and strengthen our resolve.
Simpson Sadie Group Exercise Insrtuctor and Wellness Director Marion NC USA
Slocombe Jo Group Fitness(Aqua) and Personal Trainer Lismore NSW Australia
Roloff Carolyn Physician Albuquerque NM USA As a pediatric resident, it is clear to me that a person's health is often dictated by things largely outside their control. Without fundamental changes in how our society views health, we will continue running down the road to obesity, chronic disease, and self-guilt without addressing the real issues behind these problems.
Knell Tami LCSW Champaign IL USA
Lucachick Laurie Health Educator Minneapolis MN USA Rothenberger Institute - University of Minnesota, School of Public Health
Samai Peter Epidemiologist Chapel Hill North Carolina USA
Garcia Richard Play Researcher and Practioner San Antonio Texas United States Primal Playground I have been traveling around the Americas for the last three and half years researching play. Prior to that while in college, I ran a successful health and wellness consulting business. If there is one thing I learned then it's that the mechanistic approach to fitness is not sustainable, nor does it develop holistic health and wellness. The current approach to fitness has become an inherently maladjusted relationship with our mind and body. It is devoid of the heart and spirit we embodied as kids on the playground. I believe we can find our playful voice and dance again. So we have a healthy relationship with not only our mind and body, but our heart and soul too.
Crichlow Renee Physician Minneapolis MN USA health care underserved



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