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Meet the New Body Ethic Professionals! The people below have taken the first step in making the health and fitness industry work for everyone, by signing the New Body Ethic Pledge.

344 professionals have signed the pledge! Add your name today!
PhotoLast NameFirst NameOccupationCityStateCountryWebsite, Blog or Social Media LinkPersonal Message
Jackson Rose Yoga Therapist Cypress TX United States
Goodman NirtanaSusan Chiropractor/Acupucturist Harrisburg MO United States Health at every size is the goal, not thinness. Fat phobia has stolen joy in embodiment from all sizes of people. I want to see that joy restored.
Flachs Conni Ballet Dancer Grand Rapids MI USA I am passionate about people creating better, nurturing relationships with their bodies!
McElderry Zurbay Annie RN, Medical Writer Longmont CO United States Wonderful! LOVE finding this site and completely agree with your position.
Sanelli Renee RYT-500 Tacoma WA USA
Kowalczuk Trenton Yoga instructor San Marcos Texas USA I have been studying Kevin Moore's Reembody Method for 2 months, and it has really opened my eyes to how the majority of the fitness industry views health and wellness. I want to be an ambassador for your program because I believe in what you do.
Gronewold Tam PFT, Owner, THE ABLE BODY FITNESS University Place WA USA YESSSSS!
Eddy Dean Gym Owner Portsmouth Hampshire United Kingdom Think Eat Do As an organisation Active health wholly endorse's the sentiment of the New Body Ethic.
Kelly Karen Registered Dietitian Oswego IL USA
Zamora Cecilia Pilates Trainer Huatulco Oaxaca Mexico Health & Fitness culture needs to change, people is already hating his body before they're know what is capable of.. we need to change lifestyle and start to being fit and healthy every day, not just a few days and then get a food reward, I think health & fitness should be sustainable.



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